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Electric Purple Corona Heights House Quickly Sells for $3.2M

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The big Art Deco house at 99 Ord Street is one of the most eye-catching properties to come on the market in some time, although not for entirely the right reasons. Its bright purple color—complete with magenta and turquoise accents—is more cartoonish than compelling. Apparently, that didn't matter to buyers. The house was on the market for barely two weeks before selling, and its $3.2 million final price was a solid $350,000 over asking. Perhaps the buyers were enticed by the home's interiors, which include a ziggurat ceiling in the entryway, a curved barrel ceiling in the living room, and hand-painted beams above the dining room.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom house hasn't always been purple. When it was considered by the city as a potential historical resource, it was yellow. And when it last sold in 2012, it was a muted shade of gray. So will its new owners keep its current electric shade or set about repainting in a less extravagant hue? Either way, they will also get access to the property's bonus space, which includes an oversized garage that could easily be used as an art studio or other creative space and a one-bedroom guest apartment downstairs.

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