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Nob Hill Condo Adds Chanel-Themed Staging and $200K in Just Two Months

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The Francesca is one of Nob Hill's storied old residences, but Unit 403 seems to have had some problems over the past few years. The big, three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo fell into foreclosure back in 2013 and was scooped up by someone who set about giving it a sleek, modern renovation. It went back on the market in May for $2.195 million and quickly sold for $2.5 million, but now, just two months later, it's back up for sale again asking $2.7 million. That's a quick $200,000 appreciation for a place that's done nothing more than change the staging (including the addition of a number of Chanel boxes and bags in the dressing room.)

It's not surprising that the condo sold quickly back in June. It boasts a big living room complete with a wood burning fireplace, an elegant coffered ceiling in the dining room, and a carved wood front door. Windows look right out onto the Transamerica Building, and the bay is also off in the distance. The unit itself is quite modern, but those in need of a throwback to an earlier age can head down to the lobby, where pillars, wrought iron and arched frames serve as a reminder of the building's 1923 birth. Hefty $2,216 monthly HOA dues cover a 24-hour doorman and one parking spot.

· 850 Powell Street #403

The Francesca

850 Powell, San Francisco, CA