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Where to Buy a Property for Under $1 Million in San Francisco

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The median home price in San Francisco currently sits somewhere north of $1.1 million, but it is still possible to find properties in the city for under seven figures. The latest report from Paragon Real Estate digs into the data to find out where it is still possible to buy for less than $1 million. According to the report, the median house price in the city for the second quarter of 2015 was way up at $1.35 million, and most six-figure houses can now be found along the southern border of the city from Ingleside and Oceanview down through the Excelsior, Portola, and Visitacion Valley to Bayview. Although the Excelsior/Portola area doesn't have the cheapest houses in the city (that designation goes to Bayview), it has had the most under-$1m house sales so far this year, with 65. The report also points out that neighborhoods like Bernal Hights, the Outer Richmond and the Sunset, where it was previously possible to get a six-figure house, have now generally appreciated past that figure.

The median condo price between April and June was $1.125 million, so it's possible to get a condo for less than $1 million in just about any neighborhood around the city, although, as the Paragon report points out, the size and amenities offered up for that price can vary greatly based on location. So while Noe Valley had the most under $1 million condo sales overall this year so far, 95, the Mission/Potrero Hill/Dogpatch area had the most two-bedroom six-figure sales, with 40. Other areas with plenty of sales in this price range included South Beach/Yerba Buena/Mission Bay and Hayes Valley/Alamo Square/NoPa/Lower Pacific Heights.

Those with a slightly higher price range up to $1.5 million can begin looking in the Sunset and Parkside, where 120 houses have sold between $1 million and $1.5 million so far this year. Miraloma Park, Midtown Terrace, Westwood Park and Sunnyside had 79 sales in that range, and Bernal Heights/Potrero Hill/Inner Mission had 44. Condo buyers at that price point would do well to head to Noe, Eureka, and Cole Valleys, where there were more than 120 sales in that range so far this year, including 40 three-bedrooms.

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