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Landmark Manse Gets New Staging, Tries Again for $8.995M

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The poor Pac Heights mansion at 1735 Franklin Street has tried everything it can think of to find someone who wants to move into it. After first listing for $9.7 million, it has cut its price, left the market and then relisted, and even opened up its stately iron gates to potential renters. Now, in a move that has just a whiff of desperation, the landmark mansion has tried new staging and updated its brokerbabble to trumped that it is "back on the market with a NEW LOOK!" It's still aiming for $8.995 million, which puts it right around the $900 per square foot mark given its huge 10,000 square foot size.

Unfortunately for the mansion, its previous staging may not have been the problem. The new look may be a bit sleeker, but its interiors, which blend history with contemporary touches, were always gorgeous. There are six bedrooms, six fireplaces, a fantastic kitchen opening up onto an outdoor garden, and a huge four-car garage. It's issue is likely something far more difficult to change: its location. Yes, the place is technically in Pacific Heights, within walking distance of Lafayette Park and a stone's throw away from Whole Foods. But it sits right along packed Franklin Street, with automobile fumes wafting up from the three lanes of endless traffic.

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