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Epic Drone Video Supercut Lets You Fly All Over San Francisco

Because one drone trip can hardly take in all the aerial magic San Francisco has to offer, the drone obsessives at Epic Drone Videos have spliced together footage from a range of Bay Area drone pilots' outings. They've compiled one supercut that, in just under three minutes, takes viewers from the Golden Gate Bridge to the downtown skyline to AT&T Park to the tippy top of the Transamerica Pyramid. (The folks at Epic cop to not owning the content they mash up, and they say that "super clever youtube revenue gnomes" help them compensate the original content creators for ad revenue the supercut generates.) The videos in this mashup hail from different points in time—you'll see The Bay Lights at full glow and glimpse the now-absent Bliss Dance dancer—so think of this little outing as a kind of sentimental aerial yearbook for San Francisco.

· San Francisco By Drone [YouTube]
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