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Nob Hill Co-Op Makes Up for Sad Curtain Door with Totally Knockout Terrace

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We used to obsess over one-bedrooms that cost $1 million here in San Francisco, but these days that seems practically passé. Now, a 944-square-foot junior one-bedroom atop Nob Hill has set its price at $945,000, which is quite a few dollars to pay for a bedroom that has curtains for doors. The unit is in the Cathedral Towers co-op, and any potential buyers will need to make their way through board approvals in order to move in. Upon approval, the new owner will get a spacious apartment with endless built-in bookshelves and French doors that open directly onto the building's south terrace.

The impeccably groomed terrace space is shared with the rest of the building, but it almost feels as if it belongs to this unit thanks to the layout. It's undoubtedly the highlight of the co-op, which also has its downsides. The kitchen is cramped and outdated, with hardly any cabinet or counter space. The walls in the bedroom and bathroom are covered with mirrors that feel straight out of the 1980s (and it looks like the rectangular mirrored portion is your closet). There is parking in the garage, but it costs $200 per month on top of $991/month HOA fees.

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