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Glen Park Hoarder House Lists for $899K, Sells for $1.525M

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The two-bedroom house at 11 Hiliritas Avenue in Glen Park was well-known to its neighbors long before it went up for sale in late June. According to listing agent Patrick Lam, the seller's father, who had lived in the house for many years, was a hoarder and the home was completely packed with things. Even the garage and front yard were filled with old cars. The house was cleaned out for the sale, but it remained in ramshackle condition. Potential buyers, of course, were not deterred by either the condition or the $899,000 listing price. The sellers had ten offers to choose from and finally settled on $1.525 million in cash, nearly 70 percent over asking.

The property's buyers were, of course, flippers who plan to completely overhaul the house. According to Lam, they have done many project in the area and were willing to pay for the property thanks to its location, large lot, and views out to San Bruno mountain. The wood-paneled walls, green carpeting, and cracked kitchen counters are almost definitely on their way out, likely to be replaced by the usual combination of sleek white walls and white oak floors.

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