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Absurdly Purple Art Deco House in Corona Heights Asks $2.85M

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Sitting on the corner of Ord and 17th somewhere between Corona Heights and the Castro is a house that cannot be missed. The big Art Deco home has been painted bright, bright purple with accents of turquoise and magenta. San Francisco is a city known for its colorful facades, but this one is undoubtedly one of the wildest in the city. When the house last sold for $1.8325 back in 2012, it was a subdued shade of gray. In the ensuing years, it has added a lot of color and more than a million dollars to its price—it's now on the market asking $2.85 million. When the house was considered by the city as a potential historic resource years ago, comments noted that the yellow paint job of the time seemed inappropriate and was "unfortunate." It's hard to imagine what the assessors would think of the current purple hue.

The house is much more restrained inside than out, but it does have plenty of character. The ceilings are possibly the most interesting bits, with a ziggurat ceiling crowning the entryway, a curved barrel ceiling in the living room, and hand-painted beams above the dining room. Stained glass windows, bathroom tiling, and checkerboard floors add color throughout. There is a solarium on the main floor and a roof deck up above.

The house also boasts some bonus space that is just as interesting as the rest of the property. A downstairs guest apartment includes a vintage pink refrigerator and stove in its kitchen. The big bedroom there is painted a shade of violet just strong enough to bring to mind the violent purple of the exterior. The garage that sits behind the bright pink doors has extra-high ceilings and could, as the listing suggest, be used a work space for art or other creative pursuits.

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