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Diamond Heights House With Indoor Pool Wants $2.28M

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At first, there seems to be nothing special about the four-bedroom at 160 Gold Mine Drive in Diamond Heights. Like many other homes in the area, it's a low-slung house with a two-gar garage built in 1974. A first glance inside shows a modest home with a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace in the living room, but it's what is on the other side of the living room's glass doors that makes this place a bit different from most other San Francisco properties. In a big concrete solarium-style room there is a large swimming pool, likely one of the only of its kind in the city.

Diamond Heights isn't exactly known for being the sunniest neighborhood in San Francisco, but on those rare warm days skylights let in light from above and floor-to-ceiling glass doors open up to an outdoor sitting area. It's not clear if the pool is heated, but it does look like a cover can be easily drawn out over it. The pool is a somewhat odd amenity for a house that otherwise is notable only for its mediocrity. Did the owner just really, really want to go swimming all the time?

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