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Pac Heights Home Dominated by Dizzying Patterns Asks $6.5M

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From the outside, the big three-bedroom house at 2535 Vallejo Street that just came on the market asking $6.5 million is a handsome, shingled Pacific Heights home. But inside its doors there are so many intense patterns that it feels like stepping right into a Magic Eye book. Heavy drapes, chintz-covered furniture, oriental rugs, and wild wallpaper abound. Even the elevator that runs between all three floors is wallpapered in a heavy red and gold brocade. Underneath it all, a grand old house with wood wainscoting, coffered ceilings and numerous fireplaces seems to exist, but it's hard to see past the overwhelming decor.

Hardly any corner of the house is untouched by the blaring decorating scheme. A solarium off the kitchen offers leafy outlooks, but they are overshadowed by yellow and red plaid curtains and bright matching walls. The three bedrooms are crammed with contrasting furniture, and even a bathroom curtain gets in on the pattern game. The only place to get a break seems to be the fern-filled backyard shaded by a big redwood tree. The brokerbabble advertises this outdoor space as a "garden of oasis within the City," but it feels more like an oasis from all the patterns screaming across the house.

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