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Two Grand Multi-Million Dollar Lake District Fixers Up for Sale

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It's extremely rare for multi-million dollar fixer mansions in the Lake District to come on the market. So it was rather eye-popping when two big, gorgeous properties on 22nd Avenue—both in need of some restoration—hit the market within days of each other. The seven-bedroom, 6,500-square-foot manse at 22 22nd Avenue is the bigger of the two properties and is looking for $6.995 million. The house was built back in 1926 and is now on the market for the first time in 40 years. It has an ornate pillared front door, a grand twisting staircase, and endless windows looking out onto the yard. Interior photos, however, are scarce, and the listing notes that it is "looking for a new steward to restore it," so it likely needs a number of updates.

The five-bedroom house at 10 22nd Avenue is even closer to the Presidio than its up-for-sale neighbor, but it has slightly less space, with five bedrooms and 4,296 square feet. It also boasts a front door surrounded by carved pillars and is surrounded by leafy grounds. There are a few more photos of its totally unstaged interior, and they show a kitchen in need of some updates, a dated roof deck, and lots of sweeping park views. It is asking $5.99 million, which is $1,394 per square, topping it's neighbor's $1,076 per square ask.

So is it just a coincidence that two very similar, neighboring homes hit the market at the same time? There's no apparent connection between the two, and they have two different listing agents. The better question to ask may be which of these beautifully-boned homes do you prefer?

Photos of 22 22nd Avenue

Photos of 10 22nd Avenue

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