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1-Bedroom Dogpatch Loft With Industrial Spirit Asks $1.195M

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Tucked behind a tiny tin entryway in the Dogpatch is a light-filled two-level loft that screams industrial chic. The loft sits on the top floor of a David Baker-designed building constructed back in 2000, and although it has just one bedroom it stretches over 1,519 square feet, making its $1.195 million asking price seem fairly reasonable (in Bay Area terms). The highlight of the condo is a mezzanine-level catwalk with built-in shelving accessed by a spiral metal staircase that twists in front of floor-to-ceiling windows. On the other side of the loft, a more conventional staircase leads to the bedroom.

The loft's main living space opens up onto a balcony overlooking the city's industrial waterfront. Everything in the condo has been designed to reflect that character. Even the closet is composed of wooden, geometric shapes. There is a sleek gas fireplace in the living room, custom track and industrial lighting throughout, and one parking space in the garage downstairs. The listing also notes that there is the potential to convert the place into a two-bedroom, although it is hard to see where the second bedroom would sit.

· 1415 Indiana Street #306 [Redfin]