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Rare Outer Sunset 12-Unit Condo Development Proposed

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The Outer Sunset has hardly been a bastion of new development in recent years. Therefore, a proposal that was just submitted to SF Planning for four new four-story buildings on what is now the home of a 76 gas station are a bit unusual. The plans call for just 12 new condos, but that's actually kind of a lot for a neighborhood where almost no development ever happens. The condos would be on Lawton Street between 42nd and 43rd avenues, less than 10 blocks away from Ocean Beach.

There's no word on who the developer of the project will be. The preliminary plans were submitted by architect Ian Birchall, who told Curbed that he was unable to comment on project just yet. Birchall is the architect behind numerous residential buildings across the city, from the 300-unit Palms to Hayes Valley's Fulton 555. If the Lawton Street units go ahead as planned, each building will hold three condos, parking, and a common rear yard. The development could be a precursor to what is to come for the Sunset if Supervisor Katy Tang's Sunset District Blueprint to increase density across the neighborhood while keeping it residential comes to fruition.

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