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Spectacular Historic Ashbury Heights Victorian Wants $4.499M

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Ashbury Heights is packed with gorgeous old homes filled with period details, but the newly listed five-bedroom Victorian at 880 Ashbury Street is a true standout. A grand entryway sets the tone, showing off a lightly but intricately embellished ceiling and wood wainscoting. All of the old detailing throughout the home, which hails from 1908, has been polished to perfection, from the woodwork and beveled glass windows in the family room to a huge wood and marble fireplace in the master bedroom. Even the kitchen has been redone with an unusual dark wood antique French center island and backsplashes that fit the tone of the home. With four and a half baths and more than 4,500 square feet of space, the huge house is asking $4,499,995.

One of the most interesting rooms in the house is the top-floor media room. It is tucked into a corner behind the bedrooms and could have easily become neglected space but instead has been turned into something beautiful. There are sloping, exposed-beam ceilings with huge skylights built in. A small stained glass window is set into one wall. The backyard is small but has also been impeccably designed around an understated fire pit. Ocean views from the upper floors and a three-car garage are the finishing touches on this lustworthy house.

· 880 Ashbury Street [Official Site]