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New Startup Lets You 'Test Drive' a Tiny House for $99 a Night

Another day, another ravishing, eco-friendly, or otherwise fabulous tiny house hits the Internet, and you're left to wonder: Can I really live in something like this? Without readily available resources to research and build a microhome or just the sheer willpower to leave behind everything you thought you knew about a "home," the burgeoning tiny house movement is a tough trend to get in on. But this tricky place between tiny dreamin' and actual tiny livin' is where Getaway, a new startup coming out of Harvard University, wants to wedge into. And this is what it wants to do: give urban dwellers a chance to escape the big city frenzy via a well-designed tiny house set on lovely rural land, where they can "test drive" the micro-living experience or, at the very least, disconnect, recharge, and start that book they've been meaning to read.

Take a look inside, this way >>