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Prissy Pacific Heights 3-Bed Co-Op Will Raise a Pinkie for $9M

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How much drapery and overstuffed furniture is it possible to fit in one Pacific Heights co-op? That seems to be the question that the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom unit at 2288 Broadway #4 is trying to answer. The apartment takes up an entire floor of its fancy doorman building and boasts a balcony with views out over the bay. There are nearly 4,000 square feet of space in the co-op, but most of them are currently filled with floral furniture. The unit just went up for sale for the first time in many years asking $9 million. And although the brokerbabble claims that it has been "tastefully remodeled," it seems as if those renovations may have happened at least a couple of decades ago.

It's possible that the living room could be a clean, elegant space that plays up its incredible views, but right now there is so much stuff in it that it's hard to really tell. The dining room wall has been painted with some sort of flowery garden scene, and thick carpets line the floors of the bedroom and the wood-paneled library. The kitchen doesn't appear to have been upgraded in many years based on its pastel color scheme and the age of its two dishwashers. The oddest room is the bathroom, with its many mounted vases hanging on the walls. Taking a bath in the tub beneath them looks a little scary.

Although it's all very high end, we imagine that any new owner will want to make some serious changes. Hopefully they will have plenty of cash to do so, given that they'll be coughing up $3,263 per month for HOA fees on top of the big purchase price.

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