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This Graph Perfectly Sums Up San Francisco's Housing Drought

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Despite a dramatic defeat last month, the proposed moratorium on market-rate construction in the Mission is an idea that just keeps on kicking. In November, San Franciscans will vote on whether to temporarily halt market-rate housing development in a large swath of the Mission District. Meanwhile, the Planning Department has signaled its interest in addressing antidisplacement groups' concerns, though the department would not explicitly halt market-rate development as a moratorium would. Into this frothy, frothy fray, we'll just go ahead and drop this graph, which reveals the relationship between housing supply and rent over the past 10 years, using population data from the US Census Bureau and an analysis of Craigslist apartment listings during the same period. CityLab ran the graph in an editorial against the moratorium, but it also stands just about perfectly on its own.

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