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Midcentury Glen Park Fixer Lists for a Tantalizing $995K

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Even in its current state, it's hard to look at this two-bedroom, one-bath house in Glen Park and not see potential. It's got well-made wood floors that will shine after refinishing, and original wood-paneled walls that we hope the eventual buyer will see the virtue in keeping. There's an open kitchen with a skylight (yes!) and old-fashioned wood cabinetry (nooooo) with a busy backsplash and countertop that do it no favors. There are views out to the trees, and it's clear this can be a lovely room with some work. There's also a skylit sort of foyer (we think?) that would feel like a quasi-courtyard space were it not for the conspicuous radiator on the back wall.

The house has two legal bedrooms, plus a family room and bathroom that were added downstairs at some point, per the brokerbabble. The downstairs looks pret-ty rough, and seems like it may have housed an in-law apartment (there's closet space and a small, sad looking kitchen that may not have in fact ever seen better days).

The property is asking $995K, which works out to a mere $646 per square foot, for a neighborhood whose median sale price is inching closer to $2 million by the day. All that's left to puzzle out is how much over $1 million this place will go for.

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