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World's Most Unpatriotic Flippers Repaint Oakland Flag House

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Back in March, we brought you news of a little one-bedroom bungalow in East Oakland's Fairfax neighborhood painted to resemble an American flag. Though it was in shabby condition, and not nearly as prim and decked out as its Seattle cousin, the motif was admittedly perfect for a house located on a street named Vicksburg, which is also the name of a Mississippi city and Confederate stronghold the Union Army defeated during the Civil War. This spring, the Oakland house was on the market for a scant $129,000, and the inside was even more of a color blast than the outside, with a full-on turquoise kitchen and a cotton-candy-pink bathroom.

Welp, some flippers swooped in not long after and paid $205K for the privilege of redoing the place, which (to be frank) did need some work. The revamped house now bears no trace of its past quirks; in fact, the flippers seem to have overreached in a very beige sort of way. It's now listed for $379,500—nearly three times the old sale price—and a sale is pending. Congrats to the putative buyers, who will now have no choice but to prove their Americanness like everyone else, by spending money.

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