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Rustic One-Bedroom Victorian in Bernal Heights Wants $975K

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Tucked just off of Cesar Chavez Street in Bernal Heights is a little Victorian that just came on the market asking a big $975,000. The property only includes one full, proper bedroom in its current state, but there is also a small room off the deck that could be used as a study or a nursery. The house is adorable but also a bit rustic. It boasts period details like a fireplace surrounded by pillars and wainscoting but is otherwise very simple. The kitchen has industrial counters and only half a dishwasher, and the finishes are somewhat basic.

The upstairs, with the main living space, one bedroom, and bonus room, certainly isn't massive, but the home clocks in at 800 square feet, according to property records. It's unclear if the living space downstairs, where a basement opening onto the backyard is set up as another bedroom, is included in that tally. The house also only officially has one (very small) bathroom, but there's another, much bigger one in the basement living area. The backyard itself is quite nice, with landscaping and a deck with views out to Twin Peaks, but the price still feels like a lot to pay for just one real bedroom a stone's throw away from Cesar Chavez and the 101 overpass. That said, buyers are likely to jump at the opportunity given that this is Bernal.

· 1510 York Street [Zephyr Real Estate]