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The Smallest Apartment for Rent in SF Is Just 233 Square Feet

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At SoMa's 77 Bluxome Street building, a tiny little 233-square-foot studio just went up for rent asking a soul-crushing $2,536. Yep, that's more than $30,000 a year to enjoy a tiny box of a room with a kitchenette that has a minifridge and a countertop range but no oven to speak of. The listing for the micro-studio, which is the smallest we've seen for rent right now, even provides a floor plan—which seems totally unnecessary given that the layout is very simple: little square living area next to the bathroom. One big window lets in a lot of light, but the walls around it make it seem almost impossible to set up a bed and a couch without blocking either the kitchen or the closet.

The apartment does have some community amenities, including laundry on-site, a roof deck with a couple of chairs and a cactus, and a depressing-looking gym with what looks like one treadmill, one cross-trainer, and a few yoga mats. The building is located near freeways, but there's no parking on offer, and street parking in this part of SoMa isn't exactly easy.

· Top Floor Micro-Studio With Courtyard View! [Craigslist]