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At Just 265 Square Feet, Tiny Cow Hollow TIC Pulls In $424,900

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After listing for an even $425K in April and failing to attract buyers, one of San Francisco's tiniest homes took one of the most stingy price cuts we've ever seen, shaving all of $100 off the asking price. That strategy apparently worked—perhaps to the chagrin of brokers with stubborn clients?—because the property has officially changed hands at that new, very slightly diminished price of $424,900.

The new owner will enjoy a Presidio-adjacent location, a kitchen with a wall-mounted café table, and not much else. Despite being on the ground floor, the unit has no patio to speak of, and there's no parking. We can only hope that the new owners and their lone Benjamin enjoy their short time together, before the first month's HOAs are due.

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