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Big Anza Vista Victorian with Startup House Vibe Asks $3.888M

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On Turk Street just north of NoPa, in Anza Vista, a formidable nine-bedroom Victorian has just landed on the market asking $3.888 million. Last time it went up for sale, in 2010, it was a cluttered mess with dingy black-and-white-tiled floors and faded paint in Crayola hues. The current owner brought it back to life, refinishing the wood floors and sprucing up the period details, but the brokerbabble implies that until now it's been rented out as three different units. The middle two floors can function as a six-bedroom, with optional access to a full-floor penthouse. The basement is a studio. There are seven baths, five fireplaces, parking for four, and two laundry rooms. The staging—such as it is—looks more like the makings of a startup house, with conference tables, office chairs, and laptops strewn around.

It's hard to imagine someone with a family large enough to need a nine-bedroom. Either it becomes an income-generating property with parts of the house rented out, or an investor swoops in with a mind to catering to refugees from the coliving startup Campus, which is officially ceasing operations at the end of August. We don't recognize the photos, but this house could itself be emerging from yet another dead coliving experiment. Anyone recognize it?

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