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Judge Rules That Uber Should Be Banned From California

Uber needs to get the heck out of California and pay a $7.3 million fine, says a judge; their license to operate in the state would be suspended in 30 days except that Uber has promised to appeal. In 2013, the California Public Utilities Commission passed new rules allowing fake cab companies ("ridesharing services") like Uber and Lyft to operate without having to follow the strict set of rules that real cab companies follow—they were given their own, less strict set to follow. But Uber apparently couldn't even manage that, according to the LA Times: the CPUC says "Uber has not complied with state laws designed to ensure that drivers are doling out rides fairly to all passengers, regardless of where they live or who they are." Uber has also refused to provide data on the matter. A CPUC spokesperson says "They had a year to comply with these regulations, and didn't do it."

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