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Live Over a Doomed Inner Sunset La Boulange for $5,295/Month

The news that Starbucks will shutter all 23 La Boulange locations by September has not put a damper on the enthusiasm with which Inner Sunset apartment building 1266 Ninth Ave is marketing its location over one of the doomed purveyors of bucket-size lattes. For $5,295 per month, you can have a front-row seat to the beloved local chain's demise, espying somber baristas via your floor-to-ceiling windows and cooling your fevered, overcaffeinated forehead on the kitchen and/or bath tile.

Under amenities, the listing chirps, "We welcome La Boulange in our commercial space below," in what is probably a boilerplate list sorely in need of an update.

Ironically enough, back when 1266 Ninth Ave was still in the works, some neighbors were against La Boulange in the neighborhood, complaining that it was "getting a bit to much like starbucks [sic]." And now, well.

H/t njudah

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