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Build Inc. Snaps Up Hunters View Site for Market-Rate Housing

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One of San Francisco's most troubled public housing sites could soon be home to between 140 and 200 market-rate housing units, the San Francisco Business Times reports. Build Inc., the developer behind sites like 650 Indiana, One Oak, and 1532 Harrison, is in negotiations with the city to buy 2.5 acres of land in Hunters View, a public housing community in Hunters Point. The site sits on a steep hill in a notoriously crime-ridden area but benefits from views of the city and the bay and a location near both the massive San Francisco Shipyard development, which is already in progress, and Build Inc.'s upcoming India Basin project.

The sale of land in Hunters View for market-rate housing is part of a total overhaul of the neighborhood via the city's Hope SF program. The idea is to integrate public housing into a neighborhood rather than isolate it. The transformation also involves demolishing older public housing to build 800 new units, some of which have already opened to residents. Two more market-rate properties will soon go up for sale. Build Inc.'s newly acquired portion is set to hold three buildings designed by Mithun | Solomon that will range in height from 40 to 65 feet. When complete, they will contribute to the seemingly endless changes going on in the city's southern reaches.

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