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Rebuilt Noe Flip Rakes In $4.85M, Nearly Four Times Old Price

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Back in March, a totally rebuilt Noe Valley home landed on the market asking $4.995 million, almost four times the price it last sold for in 2012, when it had three bedrooms and a well-kept but by no means chic vibe. Shoot forward to 2015, and we're looking at a reborn five-bedroom swankfest with sleek everything, cavernous spaces, and a big dose of floor-to-ceiling glass, which does open up the views nicely. The master bedroom also got a lovely back deck.
Last month, the home took a $200K price chop, dropping down to $4.795 million, and the eventual buyer bested that with an offer $55K above the reduced ask. The final haul of $4.85 million is more than 3.8 times the old sale price.

Commenters were divided on the changes, with some calling the house soulless and others declaring it modern and elegant. On one point we do concur with the commenter who marveled at the bathroom count, which is 6.5. "I always wonder about these homes with SO MANY bathrooms," jenofla writes. "Okay, so does this mean this house is aimed to 5 housemates? Or 4 kids who don't want to share baths? Polyamorous households? Vacation rental for five couples? And what's the extra bath for? The visitor who wants to bathe but isn't going to spend the night? The possibilities..."

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