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$5.7M Cow Hollow Megaflip Pulls In Six Times Its Old Price

When 1865 Greenwich Street hit the market back in June, it inspired us to invent the Sextuple Club, a very special place for flips that ask six times their previous sale price. The newly luxury four-bedroom home was looking for $5.25 million, a massive jump over the $850,000 that it sold for back in 2011 as a two-bedroom, before its big renovation. Now the house has sold for $5.7 million, which is $450,000 over asking. That's not quite enough for us to start a Septuple Club, but it comes pretty close.

Before the home was flipped, it was a low-key Victorian with a kitchen full of wine bottles. The flippers managed to expand the space by slipping in a new floor between the garage and the original main floor. Although the brokerbabble celebrated the preservation of the home's "20th century Victorian charm," in reality the interiors are no longer Victorian at all, instead boasting the unmistakable ambience of a 21st-century flip. That clearly appealed to buyers, because the home was on the market a scant five days before going into contract.


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