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Cracked-Plaster Disaster in Monterey Heights Sells for $1.3M

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In the wild world of San Francisco real estate, fixer-uppers have been known to sell for seven figures. In recent months, there has been the total disaster in the Outer Sunset that went for $1.21 million, the beat-up Mission duplex that grabbed $2.35 million, and, of course, the Sea Cliff fixer that scored $11 million. Now, 1155 Monterey Boulevard in Monterey Heights is the latest house to join the seven-figure fixer club. The house is currently a white concrete box stained with black streaks from years of deferred maintenance. A tipster who pointed out the sale to us referred to it as the "cracked plaster, roller coaster floors, visible dead termite place." The house listed for $799,000 and ended up selling for 63 percent over that ask, with a final price of $1.3 million.

The house currently has two bedrooms, an ancient kitchen with a sad chandelier, and an interior covered with grime. There is a vintage car sitting in the garage, but the listing specifically notes that it is not included in the sale. The pink floor tiles in the sole full bathroom are half gone, but someone still thought to come along and try to improve the situation with a hot pink toilet cozy. The paint is also peeling off the walls in sheets, but none of this really matters, because the place is undoubtedly about to get a down-to-the-studs renovation. The purchasers of the property clearly bought it to renovate, and likely to resell, but it's still rather terrifying to see that this is what $1.3 million buys in San Francisco these days.

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