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Sweet Three-Bedroom House in the Bayview Asks Just $495K

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It is overwhelmingly rare lately to find a single-family house that qualifies for our Under $500K Club, especially one that is move-in ready, but the house at 1125 Mendell Street makes the cut. The three-bedroom, two-bath home sits just a block from Third Street in the Bayview and spreads out over 1,200 square feet, meaning that it's asking just $412 per square. The interiors are fresh and white, and the exterior is neat and tidy. The eat-in kitchen is spacious and updated, if not luxurious. The finishes aren't high end, but the house has been well staged.

So why is the house so affordable? Trulia's crime mapping service places the home in one of the more active crime spots in the neighborhood. And although the listing promises lots of natural light, there don't appear to be a ton of windows. Skylights bring in some daylight, but even the windows are generally small. The flow of the bedrooms is a bit awkward, with some sitting right off the kitchen and others opening up into each other. Finally, there is no parking. Despite all that, the house is generally quite cute, and quite a deal for San Francisco.

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