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Surgically Enhanced Cow Hollow Home Cuts $500K, Falls Below the $7M Mark

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Back in April, what had once been a two-bedroom, $1.51 million home made its debut as a totally rebuilt five-bedroom, $7.495 million designer house. Despite the top-to-bottom rebuild and an extremely eager application of marble, we wondered if the home could meet its ask, given that it's not in the more desirable, Presidio-adjacent part of Cow Hollow. Now that the property (which was developed by M-Projects) is rounding the corner into its second month on the market, the price has come down by a perhaps grudging $500K, to land at 6.995 million.
With five bathrooms and approximately 4,750 square feet of space, the rebuilt house has tripled in size. It's full of wood accents—we're told the facade and six decks amount to seven miles of hand-cut cedar—but most of all seems to be aiming for high-end, if somewhat vacuous, flipper style, topped off by a floor-to-ceiling marble fireplace. Commenters for the most part were none too thrilled (one pointed out the proximity to Lombard Street, which makes that backyard wall of bamboo highly necessary), but then again, commenters don't seem to be the ones who have $7 million to spend on surgically enhanced real estate.

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