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Proxy Launches Kickstarter for Free 'Walk-In' Movie Theater

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Since its opening in 2011, Hayes Valley's cargotecture retail pop-up Proxy has endeared itself to San Francisco by giving adults a place to go to entertain themselves with simple things made strange (like juice, but really expensive, and ice cream, but made one scoop at a time, with liquid nitrogen). Now, the latest tweak to the Proxy formula is finally taking shape: a public movie theater with free screenings. And because in this town we like our culture nostalgia-tinged, but with a tweak, it's going to be a "walk-in" movie theater, which is just as charming as a drive-in, only you leave the car at home.

Today Proxy launched a Kickstarter campaign to make the theater a reality. The theater has been part of the plan since architecture firm envelope A+D began working on Proxy in 2010, and we've been waiting around for it for a little while now. (There have been some permitting delays to muddle through, among other things.) All told, Proxy is looking for $150,000.

"We want Proxy to be the place where you stumble onto something that you never would have thought of renting or streaming on your own," envelope A+D communications director Lindsey Schott explains in the Kickstarter video. "We want to reinforce the serendipitous nature of Proxy."

If the project sponsors meet their goal, your $150K will underwrite a 20,000-lumen digital projector and hard surface screen. If they surpass their goal, they'll throw in a few extras like a better sound system, public Wi-Fi, and soft turf that would be unfurled for screenings.

With SFJAZZ, Proxy is kicking off the Kickstarter campaign with a block party tonight at 5 p.m.

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