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307-Square-Foot Studio with Microscopic Kitchen Sells for $415K in SoMa

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A tiny studio clocking in at just 307 square feet has officially changed hands for $415K, $36K over the asking price it sought nearly three weeks ago. A slightly smaller studio in the same building, this one with an even more minuscule kitchen, sold this spring for the same price, raking in a somewhat depressing $116K over asking and potentially offering this latest seller a target price. As we noted when the micro-property first hit the market, the placement of the Murphy bed affords the resident the unusual convenience of preheating the oven from bed. Yay?

The sale price works out to $1,351 per square, an amount of cash that might not even fit in the under-the-counter fridge the new owner will be making do with. The studio is well kept, however, with shiny hardwood floors and a big bay window letting in light. Also: deeded storage, which will come in handy if the new owner ever buys groceries for more than one person or attempts, gasp, a small dinner party.

No parking is included, but there is a common roof deck with a few tables and chairs, should the building's newest resident forget what customary seating looks like.

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