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Fire-Ravaged Pac Heights House Back Again with Higher Price

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When the badly fire-damaged Georgian mansion at 2008 Vallejo listed back in February, it was looking for a buyer to shell out $5.495 million for the privilege of rehabbing it, potentially according to conceptual remodeling plans that would take it up to six bedrooms (in addition to, you know, basic habitability). No interior photos were available, but readers were quick to point out that you can, ah, detect a lot of sky where the roof should be. As commenter and frequent passerby sfinsf noted, "The house is beyond damaged and when it rains it still has that after fire smell." It's perhaps because of this and potentially other pricetag-related reasons that the home didn't find a buyer. Undeterred, it has returned and is now asking $5.95 million, which is $455K more than last time around. Your move, logic.

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