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Bernal Megaflip More Than Doubles in Price, Asks $2.195M

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Just one year ago, a three-bedroom, two-bath Victorian in Bernal Heights changed hands for $850K. It was in decent but somewhat shabby-looking condition, with a cramped yellow kitchen and bathrooms that needed quite a bit of help (including a tub with a half-height shower curtain, if you check out last year's listing). Located on Precita, close to its fork with Cezar Chavez, the property also included a small studio out back clocking in just under 500 square feet. Fast-forward to today, and the property's been totally rebuilt as a six-bedroom, four-bath open-plan swankfest, with a big outdoor deck and a sprucing for that rear studio. It's now looking for $2.195 million, more than two and a half times last year's sale price.

The flippers tore out the green and orange carpet and the ground floor's green tile and put in wood floors throughout, along with typical flipper touches like a flat fireplace and recessed lighting everywhere. We'll overlook the backyard's unimaginative landscaping, though, because we kind of like looking at that slightly twisty stair, whose off-kilterness looks defiantly Bernal in such squared-off surroundings.

· 654 Precita Ave [Redfin]