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Totally Transformed Farmhouse Lists for $9.6M in Cow Hollow

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Photos via Sotheby's International Realty
Photos via Sotheby's International Realty

According to its brokerbabble, the five-bedroom home at 2829 Green Street in Cow Hollow was one of the neighborhood's very first farmhouses, originally built in the 1870s. The house sits near the Lyon Street cul-de-sac that leads up to the Lyon Street steps, meaning that it is also just down the street from the edge of the Presidio. The home's modest exterior makes it look enough like an 1800s-era cottage, although inside, of course, everything has been been updated and modernized. It just hit the market asking $9.6 million, making this one very expensive farmhouse.

Inside, the home looks to have lovely bones, although we're a little distracted by the sea-foam-green drapes, the periwinkle kitchen countertop and the cerulean tone of the study. Other distracting design decisions include lime green walls downstairs and a bathroom with wallpaper that looks like one of those Magic Eye posters. Beyond the color palette, there is a big great room that opens up onto the backyard. The open kitchen is done up in white marble slabs and subway tile, with a clear shot to the backyard through huge doors that fold completely open. The highlight of the backyard is a vertical garden, designed by Thumbelina Gardens, that includes bonsais, ivies, mosses, ferns, orchids, and fuchsias.

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