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Twin Peaks' Unluckiest House Lists for 9th Time in 7 Years

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What a long, hard road it's been for the poor house at 498 Corbett in Twin Peaks. The home's journey began way back in 2008, when it had a yellow stucco exterior and a hot tub next to a wet bar in its living room. It then listed, delisted, or had its price changed more than a dozen times before finally falling into foreclosure in 2012. The unloved house was scooped up by flippers, who set about turning it into a modern 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom house with swooping staircases, big windows, and lots of stainless steel. Despite its new look, the house remained unloved. It started out asking $2.95 million in March 2014, took a set of price chops down to $2.695 million, and then disappeared without selling. Now, the home is back and looking for $2.795 million, which is $100K more than it wanted last summer.

Now that 498 Corbett is in its seventh year of loneliness, does it have a chance of finding some buyers to love it and actually live in it? The house has some positives, like a home theater, a wine storage room, and parking for three cars. There's tons of light, a very open plan, and sweeping views of the surrounding hills.

But the property's cheap, sparse staging hasn't been changed since last year, and it makes it hard to fall in love with the place. What looks like a Murphy bed with a plaid bedspread is pulled out into what otherwise looks like a second kitchen next to the staircase, and other rooms are so lightly furnished that they look barren. The staging, of course, isn't permanent, but there are are also elements of the renovation that seem a bit off, like a soaking tub awkwardly plopped into a bathroom corner and the positioning of the kitchen. Plus, there is 498 Corbett's eternal problem of a noisy bus stop right outside. It's not a great location for a luxury property.

So will the hot market be 498 Corbett's savior? Will some buyers who have been searching desperately for a house with lots of modern amenities decide to take a chance on this one? We're hoping for 498 Corbett that this is its lucky summer.

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