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Tiny Units Planned for Tenderloin's Notorious Turk and Taylor

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The intersection of Turk and Taylor streets is one of the Tenderloin's most notorious spots for crime, but now it has been tapped as the future home of a 70-unit group housing project. The plans for the parking lot at 105 Turk Street, submitted by Mosser Capital Management, which also owns the building next door, would stand 11 stories high and bring units of roughly 350 square feet to market, as the San Francisco Business Times reports. The project is the latest of several planned for San Francisco that would hold smaller units with their own bathrooms but no full kitchens or living spaces. Those things would be shared with other residents.

Architecture International is on board to design the building, which would also include 718 square feet of retail. Pricing hasn't yet been decided, but developers of group housing tend to look to attract tenants who want to live alone but can't afford their own studios, as well as students. The developer behind proposed group housing at 351 Turk Street/145 Leavenworth a few blocks away, for example, expects that his 250-270 square foot units will be affordable for middle-income residents.

Up until this point, the law has exempted group housing from the normal inclusionary-housing rules, which typically require developers to make 12 percent of units below market rate on-site, or 20 percent if the units are built off-site; alternatively, developers can pay a fee that goes to the city's affordable housing fund. Those regulations might, however, be changing, and new legislation could move to apply the same rules to group housing. Janan New of the San Francisco Apartment Association, which is handling community outreach for Mosser, told the San Francisco Business Times that the plans for 105 Turk would go ahead regardless of any changes to the law.

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