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Flower Mart Vendors, Developer Reach Late-Blooming Deal

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After a protracted dustup over developer Kilroy Realty's plans to raze the beloved SoMa Flower Mart and put up a 27-story tech office complex, the two sides have reached a deal, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Early on, Kilroy promised to include a new mart in the development in some way (likely underground), but these assurances did little to soothe many of the mart's 60-odd vendors, who noted the conspicuous absence of any written guarantees and wondered how their small businesses would survive a long construction process. There was a petition; there was talk of blocking Kilroy with a ballot measure. But now, with the help of No Wall on the Waterfront activist and flower child Aaron Peskin, vendors have negotiated a deal with Kilroy that includes a relocation plan and affordable long-term leases, staving off a potentially costly ballot fight.

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