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Revamped Noe Edwardian Doubles Price without Losing Its Soul

Big remodels of Noe Valley Edwardians often involve cans and cans of white paint and the removal of all period details in favor of sleek modern finishes. That isn't the case for 769 Elizabeth Street, which has emerged from a big renovation with at least some of its character intact. The home was purchased back in 2012 for $1.603 million. We're not sure that it was flippers who bought it, since it was purchased with a fixed conventional mortgage and not cash, but whoever the sellers are, they set about giving it a big transformation that added 815 square feet of space. It is now back on the market asking $3.2 million, a big flipper-style increase of $1.597 million.

Although the price hike feels flip worthy, the interiors of the house don't scream "big Noe Valley flip." The home's historic glass-paneled doors, built-in shelving, and moldings remain intact. The wood floors on all levels are new, but they aren't the wide planks of white oak that seem to be practically standard across remodeled San Francisco houses these days. And, most notably, there are still walls separating the living room from the dining room and kitchen instead of the open-plan "great room" that is the result of most renovations. The elegant finished product has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a deck overlooking a backyard.

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