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Cute but Dilapidated Western Addition Fixer Wants $800K

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A two-bedroom Victorian at the corner of Divisadero and Golden Gate in the Western Addition has just landed on the market seeking $800K. Victorian pedigree is not easily had anywhere in this city for less than $1 million, especially for a freestanding structure, so we're betting this place is not in the greatest shape. The photos bear that out, but they also show some charming (if rough) interior spaces with tall wainscoting, bay windows, and a columned fireplace. It looks like some of the wood floors were painted at some point (as was once the fashion), and the kitchen's sole occupant is one lone, sad stove. In the garage, there's a big piece of modern art hanging in a random spot—the sole bit of staging on the premises—so we've got to wonder what it's covering up.
· 1 Seymour St [Redfin]