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CCSF Taps Developer for Up to 300 Units Near Civic Center

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Up to 300 new units of housing are likely headed to what is now a City College of San Francisco property holding a low-slung administrative building and two surface parking lots. CCSF has chosen local developer Equity Community Builders in partnership with Integral, based out of Atlanta, to overhaul the site at 33 Gough Street. The college is looking to maximize its return on the land, which sits near the booming Mid-Market district, in order to modernize buildings on its campus, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The lot sits in one of the city's most rapidly changing areas, near tech employers like Twitter and Dolby and new developments like Nema and 100 Van Ness. That makes it a prime development opportunity but also a target for gentrification concerns.

The development will devote 30 percent of its residences to below-market-rate units, nearly twice the requirement laid out in the Market-Octavia plan but lower than the 50 percent that a different development team proposed, according to the Chronicle. The college has been under pressure from affordable housing advocates who felt that the land should be used for low- and middle-income residents. CCSF spokesman Jeff Hamilton told the Chronicle that the chosen plan balanced "the critical financial needs of the college with the needs of the larger community."

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