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In Beeper Lingo, This Bernal House Just Sold for 2 'I Love Yous'

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Most homes in San Francisco sell for nice, round numbers. That made the sale price of the three-bedroom house at 83 Mirabel Avenue in Bernal Heights stand out: the home sold on Monday for $2,143,143. A tipster pointed out the unusual number and also noted that it "might ring a bell if you were a teenage girl with a pager in the year 1999." On a beeper, you see, 143 is the code for "I love you." It could be a coincidence, of course, or it could mean that the buyers were really crushing on the adorable yellow-trimmed house. In that case, the 2 out front could even be a multiplier: two times "I love you, I love you," which adds up really fast, and sounds a lot like two teens cooing at each other from behind the bleachers. The house was originally listed for $1.495 million, meaning that the final sale price was a lust-worthy 43 percent over asking, or one more "love you" echo to complete a perfect numerical phrase.

The home last sold way back in 1990, well before teenage girls with pagers were even a thing. It has been remodeled since then and boasts a clean, open layout, two elegant fireplaces (one of which appears to work), and views out to the city from the main room and the top deck. Two bedrooms downstairs open onto a second deck, and a back garden holds vegetation, including cacti, that just screams Bernal. A total of nine offers came in on the home, so perhaps it was the winning offer's message of love that helped it to victory.

Shoutout to tipster Ashley F.!

· 83 Mirabel Avenue [Official Site]