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Predictable Cow Hollow Flip Asks $5.25M, 6 Times Its Old Price

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When 1865 Greenwich Street in Cow Hollow was last up for sale in 2011, it struggled, hacking nearly $100,000 off its asking price and languishing on the market for nearly five months. Eventually, someone saw the potential for change in the modest two-bedroom home and bought it for $850,000. Flippers have completely transformed the house into a four-bedroom luxury abode listed for $5.25 million, asking more than six times the previous price and ushering it right into the Sextuple Club, a thing we just invented. Although the facade still retains hints of the home's old Victorian exterior, absolutely everything else is new.

The new luxury home boasts all the features common to fancy flips these days, from the chef's kitchen up to the roof deck showing off views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The interiors are the sleek, gray and white of most flips, offering the new buyer a blank canvas for decorating. A small backyard and two patios offer up outdoor space, and one patio has the wet bar and fridge that seem to be required of all newly remodeled houses these days. In fact, everything about this place, including its big price, are exactly what we'd expect from a luxury Cow Hollow flip.


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