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Try Not to Get Too Stoked About This $1,900 Rental Shack

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One-bedroom apartments renting for less than $2,000 in San Francisco almost never pop up these days, so when a tipster sent over the Craigslist posting for a Lone Mountain one-bedroom cottage asking $1,900 a month, we took note. Not surprisingly, the cottage—which is really more like a shack—is pretty terrible. Yes, there's a "new kitchen," but that just means a cheap tiny stove and a foot an a half of counter space squeezed into a tiny, low-ceilinged space. And the rest of the cottage is just a bit scary, with beat-up flooring and an ancient heater.

For now, the cottage has sole use of the backyard that sits behind it. That sounds like a nice bonus, but the listing also mentions that the main house, on the front part of the lot, will likely be demolished in a year and replaced with a new building. That means that the tenant of the cottage will soon be living on a construction site. The listing also says that the cottage has recently been remodeled from the studs out, so our tipster assumed that the listing photos were of the "before" state and emailed the owner of the listing, who emailed back: "That is its current condition. Rustic."

The worst thing about the whole situation is that this actually looks like a pretty good deal in 2015 San Francisco.

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