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Rich SoCal Water-Wasters Throwing Big Baby Tantrum About Drought Cutbacks

California is in an epic, four-year drought with no end in sight, everyone is required to make water cutbacks, and rich areas use the most water by far. But rich people don't want to cut back on water and shouldn't have to, because they have a lot of money, say rich people. Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego, has often been the biggest water-user in the state—its residents use five times as much water per capita as the average Californian—but after mandatory cutbacks were announced in April, they used 9 percent more water. Their excuse? They're antisocial cretins with such out-of-control entitlement that nothing—not rules that apply to everyone equally, not the looming threat of massive environmental disaster—should stand in the way of them having what they want. Seriously, they basically say that.

"We're not all equal when it comes to water" >>