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Cow Hollow Home with 'Ladies Who Lunch' Vibe Asks $9.995M

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There are no white walls or flat fireplaces to be found within the big five-bedroom home at 2828 Divisadero Street in Cow Hollow. The house, which just came on the market asking $9.995 million, is instead filled with fancy wallpaper, molding painted in pastel hues, and carved fireplaces. The old-fashioned vibe isn't, however, the work of an owner who has had the place for decades, as is often the case in homes like this. The house just sold back in 2008 for $7 million, and it does have modern conveniences to go along with its fancy, old-fashioned feel.

The home's best features are the twisting, delicately ornate staircase through its center and fantastic views across the city and the bay. The are multiple terraces from which to take in those views and a lovely green backyard. The whole place has a bit of a "ladies who lunch" feel, but it mostly works. That said, given the propensity of high-end homes in San Francisco today to tend toward sleek and white, there's a good chance that these floral interiors will be on their way out when the home sells.

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