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The Mission's Historic Albion Hall Is for Sale, Asking $6.5M

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Photos via Olga Soboleva
Photos via Olga Soboleva

Albion Hall in the Mission has served a number of fascinating purposes in its long life. It was originally built as a meeting hall following the 1906 earthquake and was used as the headquarters of the San Francisco Socialist Party for a few years after its construction. More recently, it has served as a venue for musical and theatrical performances, primarily by lesbian artists. Then, in 2009, it was remodeled to become a grand four-bedroom residence built around a massive and stunning central hall. It is now on the market looking for $6.5 million, one of the largest asks ever in the Mission.

The main hall of the house is breathtaking, with three-story-high ceilings, iron beams, and skylights. It feels almost like a medieval dining hall awaiting the feast of a king. A chef's kitchen is set along one side of the hall, and the main living space sits at the end of the room, framed on one side by floor-to-ceiling windows. On the floor below, huge wooden doors open up onto a living room that leads to a landscaped roof deck rear yard complete with a fire pit.

Even the bedrooms are interesting, with high ceilings and exposed wood beams in one and sliding barn doors and stained glass in another. The property hasn't lost any of its character or history in its transformation to a residence, making it possibly one of the most fascinating homes in San Francisco.

· 143 Albion Street [Official Site]