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Target Nixes Plan to Take Over Lombardi Sports in Russian Hill

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When rumors began swirling that Target might try to take over the former Lombardi Sports space on Polk Street, neighbors worried about parking, traffic, and the impact on nearby mom-and-pop stores. Target has now backed away from its Polk Street plan and will not be pursuing the empty storefront, reports CBS. No word yet on whether or not the site's owners will revert to their original plans to build new condos.

When rumors were aswirl last month, one commenter floated the theory that the specter of chain retail on Polk Street, however faint and tentative, could take the NIMBY bulls-eye, as it were, off the aforementioned condo plans, which commenter ryank opines has been the real plan all along: "Only a wal-mart would cause more ire, or maybe an applebees, but no one would believe either of those." As far as conspiracy theories go, we must dutifully back away, but as a piece of juicy neighborhood commentary? We'll take it. Of course, if Target decides to sniff out the Elbo Room next, we'll know for sure.

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