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For $2,100/Month, This Mission In-Law Has Almost a Bathroom

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The in-law space that's up for grabs at 2944 23rd Street at first seems like it could be a good find. It's in the Mission, there is laundry on-site, and there's access to a lovely back garden with a barbecue. The price is $2,100 per month, which isn't cheap for a 360-square-foot space, but this is the Mission in 2015, and it's not out of line with studio prices around town. The drawbacks start, however, with the bathroom. You see, the bathroom available for the apartment will only be "99% yours," because the "remaining 1% goes to the occasional guests (mine and yours) and infrequent visits from above."

The offer is really to live in someone's basement, but the space is sort of cute in a rustic way. One corner of the room has been turned into a mini-kitchen with a vintage stove and a piece of plywood nailed into the wall as "counter space." The bed is on the other side of the room, and there's room for a small table and a chair. It's unclear if there is any sort of closet, and fitting in drawers may be a stretch. The price has already been reduced once, although we're not sure what it was the first time around.

There is another room that is available for the renter to use, although the listing is pretty clear that it is a shared space. It has a built-in desk and bookshelves and makes this place qualify in its Craigslist listing as a one-bedroom. There's just one catch to this great perk. The owner of the home will pass through it to get to the garden several times a day with his or her dogs, who will also be coming down to visit as much as they can. Liking dogs is pretty much essential for renting this, uh, one-bedroom. The genuine bonuses about taking this apartment are utilities and Wi-Fi included and a bonus jar or two of honey from the beehives up on the roof.

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